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Kızılötesi Online Araç Kamera Sistemleri
Kızılötesi Online Araç Kamera Sistemleri

Having a reliable telematics solution to monitor both drivers and vehicles enables bus operators to manage their performance when it comes to safety and efficiency. V-TRACK customers, for example, are saving an average of 10% on their fuel costs.

According to ABI Research, the emergence of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and smart city initiatives mean that more and more public transport operators are turning to, and implementing, telematics technologies to keep up with changing requirements.

Among other features, operators choose a fleet management solution to:

  • Monitor driver behavior to improve fuel efficiency and reduce accidents.
  • Ensure the safety of their passengers.
  • Locate their vehicles to determine on-time arrivals along predetermined routes and at scheduled stops.
  • Locate vehicles within a yard to facilitate servicing and licensing procedures.
  • Monitor vehicles’ trip durations as well as drivers’ working hours.